Clip for Pacifier

Clip for Pacifier

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1 unids - 0.65€/unid.
Ref: CH2900NTB

Size: 48mm aprox. x Ø30mm

Inside size Ring: 5mm.

Quantity: 1 pc

Material: Beech Wood and Metal


1 unids - 1.85€/unid.
Ref: CH1055


Size50mm x 35mm x 22mm


Quantity1 unit

Material: Stainless Steel / Silicone


1 unids - 1.8€/unid.
Ref: CH1042


Size: 65mm x 50mm x 23mm

Colour To choose.

Quantity:  1 pc

Material:  Plastic / Silicone

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4 unids - 1.63€/unid.
Ref: CH1040LOTE


Food silicone cover with 3 anti-asphyxia holes

Measures: 55mm x 35mm x 23mm

Interior Measurement: 15mm x 6mm

Quantity: 4 pcs

Material: Silicone

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1 unids - 0.65€/unid.
Ref: GP1000BL

Plastic chain hook hangs stroller toys and baby cribs

Measures: 72mm x 57mm x 6mm

Inner Measure Ring: 16mm

Quantity: 1 pc

Material: Plastic


16 unids - 0.24€/unid.
Ref: CH3001LOT

Forceps tape plastic pacifier plain colored, security Lock.

Size:  43mm x 25mm x 10mm

Inside Size Ring: 20mm

Quantity: 16 unid.

Material: plastic


These materials are for creations not to be used as loose parts.

Within the reach of children, loose parts can cause suffocation.