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12 unids - 0.35€/unid.

Bracelet Macrame with sliding knot self-adjusting with details of steel

Quantity:12 unids


Out of stock


50 unids - 0.07€/unid.
Ref: LOTE102

Quantity: 50 pieces

Material: Zamak

Sold without necklace or chain

They are ideal for making high quality costume jewelery.

Out of stock


1 unids - 8.35€/unid.
Ref: STP1500


Make this super chupetero in family or to give away !!!

Choose your pacifier kit and you can create it yourself in a few minutes following this fantastic tutorial.

  • Write the name to customize
  • To comply with European regulations that are not longer than 22cm, we have prepared it for 6-letter names.
  • For names with more than 6 characters can buy the letters and loose abacus separately. (you are recommended to comply with the regulations)



Leave the name in the comments part of the order, in step 3 of your cart "SHIPPING METHOD". If you have not left a name, "MYBABY" will be sent by default

Out of stock


10 unids - 0.25€/unid.
Ref: MCK0100LOTE


Size: 20mm x 24mm x Ø14mm

Interior Size: Ø 2mm

Quantity: 10 units

Material: Silicone

Product available with different options