Productos destacados

Productos destacados

Active filters


Ref: BT4022

Measurements: 40mm x 22mm

Hole Size MeasurementØ 12mm


Pack 10 Bottles Pack 20 Bottles Pack 50 Bottles Pack 100 Bottles
0.25€/Unit 0.24€/Unit 0.23€/Unit 0.21€/Unit


1 unids - 8.35€/unid.
Ref: STP1500


Make this super chupetero in family or to give away !!!

Choose your pacifier kit and you can create it yourself in a few minutes following this fantastic tutorial.

  • Write the name to customize
  • To comply with European regulations that are not longer than 22cm, we have prepared it for 6-letter names.
  • For names with more than 6 characters can buy the letters and loose abacus separately. (you are recommended to comply with the regulations)