Ring Keyring

Ring Keyring

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120 unids - 0.06€/unid.
Ref: 120LLAV252830

Color: Bronze / Metal combines with all your ideas.

Diameter: Ø25mm / Ø 28mm / Ø30mm

Material: Metal divided with chain to make arts and crafts or for DIY needs.

Quantity: Ø28mm120pcs / Ø30mm120pcs / Ø25mm150pcs


Since - 0.11€/unid.
Ref: LLC3020

Keychain Rings with Chains Ø 30mm

Measures: 30mm

Small Package: 10 pcs

Big Package: 100 pcs

Material: Metal

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1 unids - 1.6€/unid.
Ref: AP5600B

Small Anilla:Ø56mm.  Bushing:5 each x Ø 24mm

Anilla Medium:Ø68mm.  Bushing :5 each x Ø 30mm

Anilla Grande:Ø78mm.   Bushing:5 each x Ø 35mm

Quantity:1 large Aro + 5 small


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7 unids - 0.17€/unid.
Ref: E1-A-LL03250M

Action:32,5mm x 32,5mm

Quantity:7 unids


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