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Recina Accounts

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30 unids - 0.04€/unid.
Ref: RES1405

Measurements: Ø14mmx7mm

Interior Measure: 5mm

Quantity: . 30unids.aprox


Out of stock


70 unids - 0.02€/unid.
Ref: BR0603

Measurements: Ø6mm p>

Interior Measure:3mm

Quantity: 70 .unids.aprox


Out of stock


60 unids - 0.03€/unid.
Ref: BR0803

Size: Ø8mm 

Interior Size:3mm

Quantity: 60unids.aprox


Product available with different options


90 unids - 0.01€/unid.
Ref: BAP50

Action:12mmInterior:3mmQuantity:30 unids

Custom.10mmInterior:2.5mmQuantity:50 unids

Custom.8mmInterior:2mmQuantity:70 unids

Custom.6mmInterior:1mmQuantity:90 pcs.

Out of stock


115 unids - 0.01€/unid.
Ref: BA50

Action:12mmInterior:2mmQuantity:20 unids

Custom.10mmInterior:1.5mmQuantity:35 unids

Custom.8mmInterior:1.5mmQuantity:55 unids

Custom.6mmInterior:1.5mmQuantity:110 unids

Action:4mmInterior:1mmQuantity:.115 unids