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Since - 0.27€/unid.
Ref: caja-carton

Cardboard boxes Kraft type of matches

Material: Brown Kraft cardboard

Quantity: 20 or 100 units

Exterior Measurement: 8.3x 8.3x 3.3cm. Internal measurement: 6.5 x6.5 x3.3cm

Perfect for jewelry, sweets, gifts, DIY, handmade soap, chocolates, candies, crafts and other small gifts.

The boxes these boxes of Kraft paper are sent flat, when assembled they are box-shaped, they are very easy to open and close, so that your gift is better appreciated


50 unids - 0.1€/unid.
Ref: CAJA50
  • Small Size: 5cmx5cmx5cm
  • Medium Size: 6cmx6cmx6cm
  • Large Size: 7.6cmx7.6cmx7.6xm
  • Number. 50 unids
  • high quality Kraft Paper 260 gr./ m2


50 unids - 0.1€/unid.
Ref: CAJ095525-50
  • Size small: 9cmx6.5cmx2.5cm
  • large SIze: 13x8x3.5cm 
  • Quantity: 50 unids
  • high quality Kraft Paper 260 gr./m2
  • Reduced price


12 unids - 1.04€/unid.
Ref: CR160120

Measure Case Closed:16cm x 12cm x 3cm



Product available with different options


24 unids - 0.54€/unid.
Ref: CR9091

Size Case Closed:9cm x 9cm x 2.7 cm



Product available with different options