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Wood Beads

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Ref: 000269

Beech wooded beads teether Ø25mm

  • Quantity: 20pcs
  • Diameter:Ø 25mm
  • Material: 100% natural high quality unfinished beech wood beads, it is easy to paint or embellish on it. Lightweight and resistant to use.
  • Customize your special wooden beads as you like. The quantity is enough to finish the handicraft and it’s easy to store.
  • The hole diameter is 4mm, big enough to create any type of DIY jewelry.
  • Multiple function. Satisfy most of needs to design your own necklaces, bracelets, pacifier chain, rattles, home decorations, etc …
  • The package contains  wooden beads, keep the single beads out of reach from kids under 3 years old, they can only use it with the supervision of an adult.


20 unids - 0.45€/unid.
Ref: AM6510

Size: Ø 65mm

Wood thickness: Ø 10mm

Quantity: 20 Units

Material: Untreated natural wood

Out of stock


1 unids - 0.2€/unid.
Ref: EM2530

Measurements28mm x 28mm x 26mm.

Inside Measurement Ring: Ø 5mm

Quantity: 1 pcs

Material: Natural Wood


These materials are for creations not to be used as loose parts.

Within the reach of children, loose parts can cause suffocation.


50 unids - 0.07€/unid.
Ref: BMG2006

Size: Width 20mm, length 18mm.

Internal size: Ø 4mm.

Quantity: 50 pcs.

Material: Wood