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Semiprecious Accounts

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Ref: TU1719IR

Irregular Turquoise Stone

  Measures:     30mm x 15mm     20mm x 10mm   
  Quantity: 18 pcs 22 pcs

Approximate quantities and measures

Product available with different options


48 unidades aprox unids - 0.08€/unid.
Ref: PGVI1219

Quartz Strawberry with Irregular Gravel

Size: 6mm x 8mm

Quantity: 48 units

Approximated amounts

Inner size: 1 mm

Material: Irregular Gravel Quartz Strawberry


Ref: RPJ0414

Red Plum Jaspers

  Size:     Ø 6mm      Ø 8mm      Ø 10mm  
Amounts:   68 unids   46 unids   38 unids  

Internal Measure: Ø 1mm

Approximated amounts


Ref: OT0619

Eye of Tiger Various Shapes

Abacus Size: 10mm x 5mm

Abacuses: 66 pcs

Irregular Shapes Size: 8mm x 10mm

Irregular Forms: 43 pcs

Internal measurement: Ø 1mm

Approximated amounts

Product available with different options


37 unids - 0.07€/unid.
Ref: PVM1000

Size: Ø 10mm

Inside Measurement: Ø 1mm

Quantity: 37 pcs. Approximately

Material: Volcanic stone

Out of stock


110 unids - 0.01€/unid.
Ref: HEM0412

Ristras Hematite Lisas

size: Ø 4mm Ø 6mm Ø 8mm Ø 10mm Ø 12mm
Quantity: 110 unids 74 unids 52 unids 45 unids 35 unids

Yarns approximate 40cm