Natural Coral

Natural Coral

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52 unids - 0.06€/unid.
Ref: COLM0818

Ristras Coral Apple

Size: Ø 6mm Ø 8mm Ø16mm Ø18mm
Quantity: 52 unids 49 unids 26 unids 23 unids

thread40cmApproximate quantities


130 unids - 0.03€/unid.
Ref: COL0818CL

Ristras Column Natural Coral Red

Size: Ø2mmx 4mm Ø 3mmx3mm Ø4mmx5mm
Quantity: 95 unids 130 unids 75 unids

Yarn of40cm /approximate quantities

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89 unids - 0.03€/unid.
Ref: COL0818R

Ristras Natural Coral Red

Thread40cm /approximate amounts
Size: Ø 4mm Ø 5mm Ø 8mm Ø 9mm Ø 10mm
Quantity: 89 unids 75 unids 49 unids 46 unids 40 unids
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